All Business Owners hear from customers who are happy with what you provide them. Here’s a tip you can take to the bank

All Business Owners hear from customers who are happy with what you provide them.

Here’s a tip you can take to the bank.

When they say something, or email it to you, or put it on a survey, or post it on social media ask them if you have permission to use it in your marketing!  Then keep a list of these valuable comments.
If you have been rated by critics positively, written up in any sort or trade publication or guidebook, or reviewed by an “influencer” online…

Don’t keep it a secret!

We are surrounded by skepticism. There’s been no end to the scandals by our politicians, business leaders and religious leaders. The Olympic Committee has been scarred by scandal. Celebrities are being “cancelled”.

It used to be that when you said something it was generally thought to be true. But after years of scandals and “fake news”, it’s to the point that everyone is skeptical of everything they read or hear.

That’s why you need testimonials, to combat that skepticism.

It is called a PREPONDERANCE OF PROOF. If you have the best ??? in Ohio – prove it. Not by what you say, but by what your customers say.
In addition to the skepticism, we are inundated with marketing messages from 1,000’s of sources on a daily basis. All of this has made today’s consumer more uncertain than ever.

There is only one way to counter this skepticism that exists with today’s consumers.


When you ask to use your customers’ comments, be sure to include the use of their name to use in your marketing. A comment without a name and city is really meaningless because it could be made up. If someone sees a name they recognize, then they know the comment was true.

And don’t just stop at one – get lots.

Put them up in your business, put them in your marketing, your ads, on your website, your social media posts. You don’t have to put the whole quote, you can just use part of it. Just put a few dots in between.

We suggest using “italics for the quote to make it look like the person is talking”. Then bold the name so it stands out and the people reading can scan to see if there are any names they recognize.

Once you start getting testimonials, they will start to snowball, and you will get more and more of them. If you have received letters from happy customers, put them up on the walls where people will have a chance to read them. Some businesses have a wall of fame for all their testimonials. Sometimes they have pictures of local celebrities that have visited. It works on people’s natural desire to be a part of a group. If so and so came here and had was happy, then there’s a good chance I will as well.

The bolder and more complimentary, the better. If it is on the person’s letterhead and includes their real signature or you are able to take a quick picture with them, then that is better still.

You can NEVER have too many testimonials.

How do you get testimonials?


Just ask. Next time you have a customer praising your business or a staff member, tell them you are collecting positive comments from customers. “Would you mind if I wrote that down to use in our marketing?”
Most people won’t mind at all. Some people are procrastinators and never get to writing something themselves, but you could also write it down for them and email it to them for approval, then all they have to do is give permission.

Get lots of testimonials. If you don’t have many now – ask your happy customers for them, get them off your comments on social media or review sites. Once you have them, put them to use in all your marketing.