BIRA Featured Speaker:  Bent Hansen

BIRA Featured Speaker Bent Hansen

Bent Hansen, in front of his restaurant, Los Gringos Locos.

Bent Hansen has agreed to share his secret to turning his restaurant into a money-making machine at a FREE “One Time Only” seminar within a short drive from your restaurant. He will show YOU, in person, how to blow the lid off YOUR restaurant income overnight…and do it with half the effort and half the time!

  • Are you unhappy (disgusted?) with the money you take home from your restaurant?
  • Have you done an outstanding job of operating a restaurant, but lack the time, knowledge, skills, savvy, and experience to properly market your restaurant with today’s latest marketing technology?
  • Are you sick and tired of all the so-called advertising experts that sell advertising to restaurants that never work?
  • Would you be thrilled to do LESS work, especially LESS hard work, but make more money and have more time to spend with your friends and family?
  • Do you go crazy when you get a negative online review, or struggle using the latest marketing tools and social media to promote your restaurant?
  • Do you detest “cheapest price competition” and prefer to promote your restaurant differently?
  • Would you like to have a constant flow of positive online reviews generating you a flood of new customers?
If you agree with any of the above statements, then keep reading.
My name is Bent Hansen and I’ve discovered a proven, restaurant money-making system using the latest technology that will…

Explode Your Restaurant’s Income No Matter What Competitive Situation You Face

Talking about what a restaurant has to overcome. Just take a look around you…

Restaurant chains are opening up on every corner, on every road, even across the street!

National Chains sell stock to get free money to finance their nationwide locations. They don’t worry about bank loans and personal guarantees when they open a unit in your neighborhood. They can afford to get the best real estate with their huge budgets. These National Restaurant Chains are muscling independent restaurants like us out of business!

If you throw in the other challenges like rising food and labor costs, including the increase to minimum wage, the difficulty in finding reliable staff, increasing government regulations…it’s no wonder that each year, approximately 32% of independent restaurants are forced to close their doors.

So, What’s An Independent Restaurant Owner Got To Do Now To Make A Good Living In This Business?

Here’s the real truth about restaurants…

You could be the absolute best restaurant in your area, even in the world, equipped with the best possible staff, BUT, you’d go broke without a steady stream of new customers. Unfortunately, nowadays…

Being A Good Restaurant Is Not Good Enough

We all know this shouldn’t be true, but it is. The fact is – being a successful restaurateur today has more to do with marketing and advertising than it has to do with making good food.

You can fight this – and go broke. I almost did, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute. You can give your staff all the right training. You can become involved in the Restaurant Association. You can be the “Best” Restaurant in your town. You can be at your restaurant all the time, greeting and checking with guests, tending the bar, delivering food, answering phones and responding to customer comments. You can believe that if you are the most friendly, helpful owner, and serve the best food, the world will beat a path to your door.

Let me tell you, it just ain’t true. All your excellent cooking and superior hospitality mean nothing if you don’t have anybody to feed.

That is why I’m so excited!
While I was struggling to meet payroll and pay my bills, I stumbled onto a reliable system to fight these National Chains AND put more money into my pocket – consistently, EVERY month!


“Of course, life wasn’t always this easy.”

I live in La Canada, California right next to Pasadena. After graduating college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I was waiting tables and I found a little restaurant locally that was at auction. I didn’t have any better ideas, so, along with my brother, I bought it.

I thought all it took to be a successful restaurant owner was to be able to make good food and schmooze with my customers. Needless to say, I had a LOT to learn and plenty of expensive and painful lessons ahead of me.

I spent my early years as a restaurant owner looking for any other job that was better because I was working 18 hours a day 6 days a week and barely staying afloat. I was dealing with bounced checks, not sure I would make payroll that would hit the bank in a few days, paying cash for deliveries when my food distributor wouldn’t deliver without payment on past due invoices, turn off notices from utilities, credit cards maxed and behind on rent. My solution was starting a credit card advance on future sales to keep the restaurant open and paying it back with a percentage of daily remittances then using all the mental gymnastics that “I’m almost making a profit” or “it’s getting better” and generally being a slave to my business. It was depressing! Worse, I was ashamed around my friends and relatives who knew the truth, many who had supported me in so many ways and I was unable to pay them back.

My constant worry and struggle meant I needed to increase sales dramatically or I would go broke and disappear like so many other independent restaurants in my area. Out of desperation, I tried virtually every type of advertising that you could think of.

I listened to all the advertising sales reps, ran the ads that they promised would bring us tons of new customers. I spent the little money I was able to scrape together on marketing while my restaurant was going up in smoke. Time and money were running out –FAST!

While I had been able to rise above numerous previous setbacks (new restaurants opening on all sides of me, problems with my staff, a neverending list of financial issues that all boiled down to NOT ENOUGH CASH) I felt…

“There HAD to be a better way!”

In desperation, I stumbled on a system for generating more customer traffic. When I first started I was STUNNED with the results!

In my first “experiment”, I made some minor changes that cost me almost nothing and within a few short months was generating an additional $24,908.69 per month in NEW SALES! In no time it was accounting for $493,719.29 in additional yearly sales! And now I’ve put it all on autopilot, so it’s…

A System That Generates A Steady Flow Of New Guests

Now, I don’t worry about how to pay for my kid’s college expenses. I just get to enjoy their successes.


“I can finally take time off to spend with my family!”

Since I learned these secrets, sales are up consistently every month! The best part is, my stingy, bean-counting accountant couldn’t believe what has happened to our bank account. During the last twelve months I tracked every penny of what this has meant to me and…

It’s made me $289,502.84!
I had to move my restaurant to handle all the customers! My accountant can’t believe my success!

Los Gringos Locos Parade

I had so many new customers, I had to move my restaurant. Here is the parade of customers that was featured in the LA Times.

Now that I’ve discovered the secret formula to flood my restaurant with a constant stream of customers dying to spend money at my restaurant, Los Gringos Locos, I’m able to spend more time doing the things I love, time with my family and friends, putting my kids through college and taking vacations that I only dreamt of not that long ago…

Never ever, ever, in the 29 years I have been in the restaurant business, have I ever been able to actually measure such results from my marketing. Now I look forward to getting up in the morning because I’m excited again.

And the best part is…

“My restaurant now runs like a well-oiled ​​​​​​​cash machine on steroids”

I’ve discovered that it’s not rocket science growing and exploding your restaurant sales and profits.

Anyone can make this system work.

BIRA Featured Speaker Bent Hansen
Because of what I’ve been through, I am passionate about sharing what I discovered with other Independent Restaurant Owners. I’ve spent the last couple of months working very hard with the person who taught me and hundreds of independent Restaurant Owners throughout the US and Canada the same secrets to skyrocket their restaurant profits. Now…

“It’s Time To Launch The Counter-Attack And Get Our Customers Back From The National Chains!”

Recently, Sean Potter, the Executive Director of The Best Independent Restaurant Association, asked me to help fellow independent restaurant owners. So, BIRA has created a FREE, jam-packed intensive half-day Seminar, Double Your Restaurant’s Profits In 199 Days Or Less!, which contains everything I learned that transformed my restaurant and life. I promise you it will change your life, too! I’ll hold nothing back!

Sean has also invited Michael Thibault, who is a Digital Marketing Expert for independent restaurant owners. Michael and I will spill the beans about this successful restaurant profit system – unconventional as it may be – so you can start making way more MONEY, take more TIME OFF, and have way more FUN running your restaurant!


Here’s a list of just some of the topics you’ll discover:

  • How to get so many new customers, you’ll have lineups during your slow times and get your guests begging to do business with you!
  • How to uncover your best target customers dying to eat only with you!
  • How to annihilate your competition and thrive, despite the National Chains moving into your neighborhood. 
  • The secret to using profitable promotions you can put on autopilot.
  • Leverage the latest marketing technology, including online review sites, to promote your restaurant while you sleep. 
  • The power of the four-step, business-building formula.
  • The Single Most Important “Big Idea” that will make your restaurant THOUSANDS of dollars!
  • What to do if you don’t have a current customer list, and how to develop one overnight.
  • Pricing for maximum profit and less stress.
  • How to beat the cheapest price restaurants and avoid price competition altogether.
  • How to get your restaurant to rank higher than the big corporate chains on Google and TripAdvisor.
Google Reviews for Los Gringos Locos
  • How not to make the big mistake that costs restaurant owners thousands of dollars a year.
  • How to lock an iron cage around YOUR customers, so the National Chains can’t steal them, and to make sure they keep coming back. 
  • Why boring, traditional advertising is a waste, how to avoid using it forever, and how to quit being a victim of advertising sales reps.
  • How to dominate the online review sites in your community and, perhaps more importantly, make the odd negative review irrelevant so it won’t ruin your day!
  • How to transform your restaurant from Culinary Chaos to a Culinary Cash Machine just like mine.
  • And, the “icing on the cake” – How to dramatically increase the value of your entire business!

Plus much, much more!

This FREE Seminar Is Loaded With A Ton Of Profit-Boosting Strategies That Will Blow The Lid Off Your Restaurant’s Income Virtually Overnight!

But wait a second! Don’t let me convince you about this Seminar. You’re better off hearing it from other Restaurateurs just like you, as to why and how they’ve benefited from what we’re going to share with you…

Quadrupled Sales!

“I went to the event and was blown away by the results. We started seeing increases almost immediately, and our staff are so excited. Since then, I’ve quadrupled our sales!”

Misty Young, Squeeze In

Now We Take Vacations. Our Life Is So Much Easier.

“We were at a point that everything I was trying wasn’t working. This turned our business around.  It has made my life so much easier.  We take vacations that we were never able to do before because we were chained to our business.”

Rick Bengen, Kennings Circle K

Increased Sales By $400,000!

“As an independent, this has allowed us to take advantage of the latest marketing and compete with the national chains. We’ve increased our sales by $400,000!”

Bruce Goode, Adventures Restaurant

Positive Online Reviews Have Grown Exponentially

“Our ranking on the review sites – TripAdvisor and Google – have grown exponentially to the point  where we can compete with all of the restaurants in the neighboring cities and we’re drawing a lot more traffic off the interstate from the neighboring cities because we have so many positive reviews!”

Leigh Ann Byerly, Farwood Grille

Sales Up One Million Dollars!

“We went from two million in sales to three million in two years and I have no problem saying that. It was unbelievable, and my family members thought I was crazy, but it works.”

Andy Nelson, Andy Nelson's Barbecue

Since Sean Potter, the Executive Director of the Best Independent Restaurants Association (BIRA) agreed to cover the costs of putting on this event, we’d like you and one guest of your choice to attend Double Your Restaurant’s Profits In 199 Days Or Less! seminar for FREE.

All Sean asks is because we have limited seating, that you reserve your seat in advance.