the 2022 Independent Restaurant owners Success Road Show

Live, In-Person Event | June 9, 2022 | 8:30AM – 12PM | Denver, Colorado








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Every restaurant in North America has had their world turned upside down since the beginning of the pandemic. It has been especially difficult for Independent Restaurants to survive, restart, and compete with the large corporate chains that have much deeper pockets and benefited from the majority share of financial government assistance.

Customer habits, safety protocols, supply chain issues, rising food and labor costs – not to mention the lack of qualified staff – continue to challenge Independent Restaurant Owners in today’s environment. It’s no wonder that each year approximately 32% of independent restaurants are forced to close their doors.

At BIRA, it’s our mission is to ensure that Independent Restaurant Owners have the latest information and access to the tools necessary to compete with the National Chains. To aid in recovery from the pandemic, attract more new customers, increase sales, and operate their restaurants more efficiently to maximize their profits. That’s why we are sponsoring the powerful FREE Live Restaurant Success Roadshow in 2022.


“From $0 to $3.2 Million in Sales”

You will hear from Restaurant Owner Bent Hansen, who won the prestigious 2021 BIRA Restaurant Operator of the Year Award. Bent has overcome all the obstacles thrown at him in the last couple of years and has rebuilt his sales to $3.2 Million, surpassing his pre-pandemic levels.

Some of the strategies and techniques Bent will be sharing:

  • His #1 most valuable asset in his restaurant and how he used it to rebuild his sales to higher levels then before the pandemic.
  • His top 4 promotions that puts a steady stream of customers through his doors everyday.
  • How he dominates the online review sites in his community and his secrets to making the odd negative review irrelevant.
  • How he is able to control his costs to make more profit while facing supply shortages.
  • His secrets to retaining superstar staff for over 25 years.
  • How he is able to take an extra day off a week and feel good about it.
  • And much more!


Bent Hansen

Bent Hansen

The Best Independent Restaurant Operator Of The Year

Sponsored by BIRA

At this seminar you will have the opportunity to meet Bent Hansen. Bent won our prestigious 2021 BIRA Restaurant Operator of the Year Award by overcoming all the obstacles thrown at him in the last couple of years and who has rebuilt his sales to $3.2 Million. Surpassing his pre-pandemic levels. Bent has overcome the same challenges you have faced, and has battled the National Chains with extraordinary success in his community. He will be sharing his success secrets that have given him more income, more time off with his family, and a lifestyle he only dreamed of when he started his restaurant.


“How To Fully Staff Your Restaurant In 30 Days Or Less”

We are in the biggest labor shortage the restaurant industry has ever seen! Over 1.8 million job openings. The fact of the matter is…while you didn’t create the labor shortage, you have to deal with it, or you and your restaurant won’t survive.

We don’t want this to happen to you! We’ve seen too many restaurants close their doors because they don’t have enough staff.

That’s why we brought in restaurant staffing expert Michael Thibault. He is going to show you EXACTLY how he has helped the nation’s top Independent Restaurants beat the national chains to finding, attracting, and hiring a superstar staff for their restaurants. Even in this market. In under 30 days.

Some of the strategies Mr. Thibault will share during his presentation:

  • What’s working right now to find, interview, and hire top-notch staff for your restaurant TODAY.
  • What you can do to stand out from every other restaurant that is looking for staff.
  • Why Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Hotjobs, and ALL listing sites are stealing your money and ARE NOT your best option for staffing.
  • How to find employees that are pre-qualified to work and actually show up for the interview.
  • The “1” thing that works better than anything else, (and it’s FREE) to finding and hiring applicants.
  • How you can implement an auto-pilot system that you can turn on and off to hiring the best staff in your area.
  • And much more…


Michael Thibault

Michael Thibault

Restaurant Staffing Expert

Sponsored by B.I.R.A

Mr. Thibault is a veteran of the restaurant industry, owning 6 restaurants and a multi-million-dollar catering company over a 24-year span. In 2008, he sold his hospitality company and started DFY Marketing Systems, where he has helped over 5,000 independent restaurants increase their sales, improve operations and profitability.

Since the start of the pandemic, he has focused on helping restaurants find, attract, and hire the best staff in their local communities. At this Live Seminar he will be presenting the top 13 strategies and techniques that have been proven and tested by the most successful restaurants in North America to hire the best employees in their local markets.


Independent Restaurant Owners who:

  • Want to learn how to increase sales without having to discount.
  • Have the ability to attract new customers during slow periods.
  • Operate their restaurants more efficiently, to create bigger profit margins.
  • Create an autopilot system to find, attract and hire the best staff in their area
  • Are willing to adopt a mindset of working on their business not in their restaurants.

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